April 8 – Weekly Photos

We made our first shopping voyage of spring by bicycle + it went swimmingly well. I’m hoping our legs will continually grow stronger with all this uphill toward destinations + we can venture out on more difficult trail rides later this year. For now, just grabbing our groceries + even getting to all the local parks using leg power is enough.

April 2 – Weekly Photos

Highlight of our week was definitely the Arvada Fire + Rescue truck + their paramedic vehicle. A six-man crew visited our group, rolling up in an 86-ton, emergency truck on a cold, windy morning. We spent two hours learning about how the fire suits work, what types of jobs the Arvada crew is called to do + their corresponding certifications, how the firefighters get assigned their daily jobs, + what they do every day inside the firehouse. After the indoor portion, we all got a tour of the truck’s compartments. The kids’ favorite was definitely the “weapons” compartment with all the sharp axes, hatchets + car piercers. The team left us with some sirens + honks, leaving quite an impression.

October 9 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Wildling sensory science, lots of home experiments + builds, then a fairy house project that turned out amazing – three beautiful houses in our front garden bed!

October 3 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Long before we had kids, George and I always found somewhere to BE in the mountains this time of year. It’s just rejuvenating to meander outside as the seasons shift. Now we pretend this fall tradition is “for Wilder’s birthday.”

The Week in Photos – August 29, 2021

We spent the week stacking new habits onto old ones, aiming for a little bit more structure each week until we ramp up to our full fall schedule.

The Week in Photos – August 22, 2021

When we have a fun, outdoorsy week like this one, I’m so thankful our summers don’t end with butts in desks.

The Week in Photos – July 25, 2021

A Kansas/Missouri visit in the full of summer makes for tired, sweaty people. We haven’t done this for two years, however, and so we entered into our travels with enthusiasm. After all, it was Grandma Carole’s 75th birthday!

Last Week in Photos – June 11, 2021

It began with a simple art closet organization project – it’s been on my list awhile, oy – and progressed into an obsession. The day I became a sea turtle, that’s what I looked like at the pool. Did people look at me? Yes. That is what Rosetta wanted, only she thought they’d be jealous, haha.

Last Week in Photos – June 5, 2021

Short week, due to illness. We celebrated a stuffy-headed Rosetta’s 9th birthday on Wednesday, inviting only the same people who got us sick and limiting the activity portion of the party to trampoline balloons and a hamster ball. Plus an aunt brought colorful wigs!