Journal, June 11: HS Families are Annoying

i’ve always felt admirably calm in crises. trained in first aid + cpr, i handled my own kid’s ER trips with urgency + an unruffled air, despite pooling blood or a backward arm. but how i fell apart then – both slowly depleting as i read read read plus the immediate surfeit of fear + dread – felt new. sorrowful. and its been difficult to creep back from its many edges.

Limited Visibility – Seeing Families One at a Time

Good morning and welcome to another complaint session with your host, Christine. Hi! I am here today to discuss the pressures of seeing friends when it’s unsafe to bring them together and there are too many to juggle through a week. It’s weird to complain about your friends, even indirectly, but I’m doing it anyway.Continue reading “Limited Visibility – Seeing Families One at a Time”