The Week in Photos – August 22, 2021

When we have a fun, outdoorsy week like this one, I’m so thankful our summers don’t end with butts in desks.

The Week in Photos – August 15, 2021

Week “at home,” yet we’re hardly there with all the outdoor time, the friend time, and the adventures. Hooray!

Last Week in Photos – March 5, 2021

Highlights this week: Four out of five week days outside – 11 hours. Also, we did a field trip to the zoo + a knife store! And a big group hike to end the week with the best kind of tired.

Last Week in Photos – February 27, 2021

Highlights this week: A quick weekend trip to Moab with all the hiking! Then back home to play + snow, games + friends!

Last Week in Photos – February 19, 2021

Highlights this week: Wilder can drop in on half pipes now. He finally took the plunge on our garage ramp, so we had to get out and practice!

Gameschooling + Math

Lots of post exist about the benefits of gameschooling, in particular its whimsical, non-worksheet way of checking off skill progression boxes while spending time together with your family. What could be better?

Last Week in Photos – January 10, 2021

Highlights this week: Some family time with my parents and a late Xmas together, paired with outdoor exploring after their exit.