February 21 – Weekly Tracking

Early season trip to Moab at the end of last week, into this one, so lots of hiking and geology work. Plenty of time outside, peering at rocks of many types, and then returning home to a snow storm!

February 14 – Weekly Tracking

Outdoors, again! While we did still manage a lot of audiobooks, picture books and podcasts, we also got outside more now that it’s not so cold. The relief of outdoor time is real. Skate parks, here we come!

January 31 – Weekly Tracking

Lots of busyness this week, either chatting with friends in group games or sledding in the real world with friends. It’s a good week when we’ve listened to soooo much audio while Lego + playing.

Best Reads of 2020

My inner librarian insists I track what I read and how much I liked it, and so I do. Here’s a list of the BEST books I read in 2020.

The Chat: A circuitous route to reading

“You should be glad I play this,” she told me, “because Roblox is teaching me to read.” I felt sad that my contributions were discredited, but that’s parenting. A week later, she asked ME to teach her to read. And I didn’t even cry!