Books We Read: June 2021

I’ve read every word Bardugo’s set into print and will continue to follow the Grisha as long as she’s writing them. So much care goes into each character’s formation, a full rotation of physicality and emotions, and yet the story arc doesn’t slow.

Books We Read: May 2021

As the sun crisps the grass in our front yard and we retreat, yet again, to the table, I’m still thinking about all those hours sprawled outside. If you haven’t tried it, hammock reading improves even the least inspiring book. Try the good ones first, please.

Books We Read: April 2021

Our favorite books from April 2021, with a clear emphasis on the craft we utilized most during this time. There are such cute felting books lately!

Books We Read: March 2021

Our favorite books from the 100s of March read-alouds.

Books We Read: February 2021

Our favorite books from February’s reading with a brief synopsis of why we liked them.