The Chat: A circuitous route to reading

“You should be glad I play this,” she told me, “because Roblox is teaching me to read.” I felt sad that my contributions were discredited, but that’s parenting. A week later, she asked ME to teach her to read. And I didn’t even cry!

November 15 – Weekly Tracking

Feeling better this week and angling back into our usual swing. Our new trampoline was a highlight, and I felt better knowing they had some exercise even if I felt too tired and congested to go walking in gorgeous 60º weather. Next week: all the hikes!

November 8 – Weekly Tracking

On/off sick week: Rosetta’s head filled on Tuesday, just as Wilder fully recovered, and their parents felt ill on Friday…. Not thrilled with the incubation period on this head cold. Anyway, we still managed to finish most things, separately, and listen to a zillion hours of audiobooks and watch nonstop movies for two days. HappyContinue reading “November 8 – Weekly Tracking”

November 1 – Weekly Tracking

Whelp, we made it past Halloween without an issue, but we’re looking at a cold now. Wilder woke up Friday morning with a sore throat, and it’s sticking around. We normally have an illness around now, something about that candy. I’m not worried, but we’re laying low to protect ourselves and heal up. Maybe it’sContinue reading “November 1 – Weekly Tracking”

Why We Needed Halloween

As I plodded around our mile-long Halloween route, my cheeks hurt from smiling the entire way. Tears crowded the edges of my eyelids, threatening to ruin the sloth eyes I painted so meticulously hours earlier. It was the giddy children, clamoring through the streets together, their high-pitched, excited voices that got me. Oh how IContinue reading “Why We Needed Halloween”