Last Week in Photos – September 26

Highlights this week (from top, left to right):
This week’s handcraft project: stamp carving! We made prints for the wall + kitchen towels
‘Tis the season for apple crisp!
Fishing with friends
Minecraft + Roblox with friends (after a long morning of biking + park play)
Doodlebox this week was an indigo dye craft, which Rosetta started
Wilder’s Jackson Pollack trials with tempera paint

Wilder got a Battlbox to open this week, with limb lines for fishing, something he’s wanted to try for awhile
Also arriving: an early bday gift from Grandma: telescoping fishing pole
Rosetta’s final product with different styles of dying
Warrior Cat hair salon, something Rosetta did all week long
Firefly Science – our leaf color project: figuring out which colors different leaves contain after a collecting hike

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