Last Week in Photos – November 20, 2020

Highlights this week (from top, left to right):
Learning compound words = me finding fun messages around the house (thanks, Wilder!)
Rosetta’s two drawings this week. Evening reading leaves time for creative pursuits.
Folding window stars, something we learned last year from Dylan.
Trampoline assembly. The kids’ jobs were sorting parts. Rosetta crafted the ladder herself.
Testing the final product!
Number of markers Rosetta used to make her drawing – i love u + all the words at bottom
Flower art by Wilder
Window star #1
Wilder, playing two characters in Money Bags against his mom, still lost on both accounts.
Holding chickens
Rosetta’s hatchimals in slime
Minecrafting with friends on a group call
Hello Fresh! pork chops meal, cooked by kids
Upside-down reading challenge accepted by Wilder
Rosetta’s moon phases in homemade glow slime
Morning Ramona audiobook + slime play
First walk we’ve gone on together in 10 days due to ranging illnesses
Evening creative pursuits – Wednesday night
Rosetta’s blue jay drawing
Oil stick art on oversize sheets – Rosetta drew a squirrel’s winter stores
Friday lunch assembly
Window star #2
Saturday morning at the jumbled, messy table

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