Last Week in Photos – March 13, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Tbe usual Sunday AM Minecraft sesh / Playground Among Us with cousins / Movie night! Raya + the Last Dragon with family / A little Monday Nature Play session like olden times (circa 2019, sigh) / Family project time with audiobooks / Great British Baking Show recipe #1: Wilder wants to work his way through the technical challenges – got Mary Berry’s Vienna Whirls down / Throwing the football with Zoe / Happy kid at the park / First we trampoline, then we collage outside / Rosetta painting sun catchers / One happy kid / Skate park trip / Sorting + looking up our Moab rocks with fresh scones / Lots of pictures from our trip to the Molly Brown Museum, including the polar bear rug + Rosetta’s obsession with the pretend food they had in all the rooms / Before-the-snow hike up Dinosaur Ridge with Maeve

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