The Week in Photos – July 17, 2021

Finally, a full week at home. To celebrate, we left. Constantly. I hardly took pictures because my phone wasn’t charged. I don’t know if it’s simply reactive, a post-Covid leaving of the space we were forced to inhabit for a year, but we’ve been far busier than expected this particular year. And while I’m grateful to feel connected again, I’m also very, very overwhelmed by the interactions, and quite tired. Looking forward to the rest of my dull weekend at home, thank you.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Downtown Salida swim / A break from the shopping / Swimming at Browns Canyon National Monument / Fishing / Marshmallow time is the best time / Yet another Arkansas River swim, the last of 6 / Dress-up with new friends at the first Wildlings session since Covid! / Paddleboard + swim trip to Bear Creek Lake (not pictured: our celebration of National French Fry Day!) / Minecraft + friends + devices / Rosetta “dying” / The peach pie Rosetta helped make / Sussing the archery scores / Baby spiderlings found on our hike / Hiking / Weird faces, just cuz. You’re welcome.

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