September 25 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

We spent Sunday to Wednesday running and doing, then a long Thursday of inspired reading and self-directed home projects. While we may agree on what we’re doing for the week, it’s also been tiring. Mostly the long haul to Colorado Springs on Tuesdays. Our Friday plans changed as I realized I had neither refrigerator space nor energy to handle all of the Miller Farms produce we’d pick on our field trip. I bailed, and the kids agreed to do Living History instead. When we went home, we didn’t have anything to put away afterwards. Good call, me.

Rosetta volunteers at Care Care Society, holding + playing with the cats (2) / Wilder + George fishing in the new kayak / Rosetta’s cat drawings (2) / Our Monday Wildlings crew tie-dyed, ate lunch, played big body games, laughed together, and then had games + a drawing session (7) / Taiwanese Yumbox with friends / Firestar / More tie-dye at home, just cuz… / Results from Monday! / Rosetta and I at the trampoline park (2) / Forging with Zane / Karambits / She did a set of press-on nails / Wednesday group made masks – some from scratch, some from paper shells (4) / Letting them dry / We also made paper / I made part of a barn owl’s face (it’s still drying) / Making envelopes / Writing Amnesty International letters, inspired by a picture book / Learning the differences between butterflies + moths / The wallet Wilder made / Drawing is better with friends / Pet Me division = major Wilder win / Cat #4 / Living History in Morrison with friends (5) / All the soups + smoothies for next week / Rosetta’s end of her notebook, or cat #5 / Wilder’s homemade knives + their sheaths

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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