June 26 – Weekly Photos

Our whole week at home, following vacation, we struggled to summon the required energy to make lunches + get out the door. When we did, we liked it. Mostly, though, we didn’t, completing many forgotten home projects + enjoying rearranging + cleaning our daily spaces around here.

Finding our rhythm again was, eventually, as easy as resuming our AM readings together – but only once I’ve wrangled a decent breakfast. That’s their requirement.. This coming week, I added designated Project Time to the calendar, which I wrote out on the fridge for the two days that are our home days and Rosetta says are “not enough.” Our weekends are generally at home, and when there’s nothing scheduled I juggled “bored” complaints. So… at least they can see what’s on the agenda for the whole week before they ask to go/do/see. I’d like to use more of our things to make our own fun, right here, but I also get bored sometimes.

Apples to Apples with the fam / Rosetta’s bubble dough science kit / Wildlings at BCLP (3) / The latest boba trial – blueberry / Evening walk / Wilder got a new look / Wildlings at Matthew Winters (2) / The rattlesnake we found! / Leatherwork for Wilder’s new axe / Midweek sushi-making trial with the bazooka / Chalk art / Pet-sitting our neighbors friendly corn snake (2) / Pool time / Enjoying the giant yard at our friend’s housewarming / Two evenings of cousins = two times the fun! Trampoline, new icee machine (theirs), basketball + playground time

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