October 17 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Spent a weird amount of time indoors this week due to crazy wind, and so fall seems to be flying by largely without me. Sad. We did some silly things in the wind – shooting archery! fly fishing! making mobiles! – and wished we hadn’t. Even if I’m not quite ready for them, our indoor activities felt less frustrating. At least we got two really happy and fun days almost entirely outdoors.

Warriors drawing #1 / Fishing at Arvada Reservoir / Monday Wildlings = all kinds of science (5) / Kitchen shenanigans that started by cleaning up! / Rosetta’s ghost cake I didn’t take a picture of whole / Filling squishees at home / Drawing + fishing at the Stone House Lake / Zetta’s business poster / W’s “got a bite” dance / Minecrafting together / Cooking at Wildlings / Drawing time / Warriors #2 / Weird friends / Warriors #3, 4, 5 / Sand + slime experiment / Warriors #6 / Archery / Fred, the grasshopper / Shooting a stuffy from the trash / Warriors #7 + 8, a two-part death scene / Reading / Wilder’s leather sheath / Maeve

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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