February 26 – Weekly Photos

This week, much of our time was spent in Moab for George’s birthday trip. The geology focus came naturally + our rock collection has significantly expanded.

Highlight: We stopped + browsed the Trail Through Time, near Fruita, on our way across Colorado, picking out the bones of dinosaurs all along the 2-mile trek + reading signs about “desert patina” + “erosion” that explained the terrain. Rosetta took pictures of her entire hike to piece into a stop-motion of the trip, which ends up with 20 seconds worth of views for 200 photos.

In and around Moab, we shopped, walked to town + the playground from our rental house, + tried a few new restaurants. The Rock Shop was still the overall favorite stop, again. We hiked a few trails in Arches National Park, a much longer one along the river in Potash, hit up Dead Horse State Park for the rim walk trail, and then tried the Tower Arch Trail, outside of Arches, despite the icy ascent. We made it! This one turned out to be a crowd favorite – both (1) the incredible sand, (2) the fact that there was so much to climb on + (3) no traffic.

On Saturday, George took Wilder to the Denver Card Show, where they browsed vendors for deals on any type of card. George collects football cards, especially Chiefs ones. Wilder’s just getting into Pokemon cards. He bought a box, and then spent several hours opening, organizing + looking each up online to make a list of values. His collection is currently only worth about $200, but he’s also only invested $25. At this rate, he plans to continue.

Wrapped up our week with a family game night with cousins + grands. There was a lot of drama over a game of Qwirkle… won’t play that for awhile!

Goodbye portrait of Phoenix / Trail Through Time (3) / Moab x 17 / Slope + Hatch on the way out, our trip tradition continues! / Maeve’s frozen whiskers / Wilder adjusting his keyboard with new caps / George’s gift opening / Rosetta’s new bike arrived! Test run… / Wilder’s score after the card show / Game night with the fam / Cuddling Zorii

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